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Cultivating Sustainable, Courageous, and Authentic Leadership
Group Coaching for School Leaders

Have you been here?

Contemplating at Work

It’s 10:15 am on Monday morning and already there are 30 emails in my inbox, two kids waiting for me who need my thoughtful attention, and I have a senior admin team meeting in 15 minutes. On top of that, we have two teachers absent and one sub. The week has barely begun and already my carefully curated schedule is sidetracked. I feel overwhelmed.


Sitting in the strategic planning meeting for the coming year with my Head of School and senior administrator colleagues, I realize that somehow the goals I advocated for in support of the school wide professional development plan seem to have slipped off the agenda. Wasn’t it just last week that I shared with my HoS how important this was to all of our faculty?

Stressed Woman

As I look toward the weekend, I see my vision of some personal and family time slipping away—my teachers need their written feedback. There is just too much that I will need to do to be ready for next week. Maybe I’ll just come in on Saturday and hope that somehow I can find some time to step back on Sunday.

Ring familiar?

These are scenarios that middle level leaders have shared with us, and that we’ve lived ourselves! If you find yourself in all or parts of these stories, chances are you are looking for new ways to shift how you work, live, and play. As seasoned school leaders and leadership coaches, we have learned the essential need to engage in practices that support our sustainably thriving and guided others to do the same.


We invite you to access the wellspring of inner resources you already possess through our group coaching program for school leaders.


This unique, year-long coaching experience will help you:


  • Be even more authentic, better align your intentions and impact, and reclaim joy as you “lead from the middle” throughout the next school year.

  • Sustain more effectively the energy, joy, and vision with which you begin the year—especially as you absorb demands from all sides.

  • Inspire, support, and further the growth of those who report to you more fully than ever.

  • Partner with others “leading from the middle” to further the aspirations and goals you share. 


Our coaching clients report increased self-awareness, resulting in access to their own inner resources and the ability to create the choices, changes, and intentional results for which they yearn.

Who are the coaches?

We are Renee Prillaman and Mike Hanas, and we bring over 80 years of combined experience in a range of teaching and administrative roles in independent, charter, and public schools and university settings.  We often disagree, like to make fun of each other, and share a deeply rooted commitment to further the leadership of others. To learn more about us, visit and

What is group coaching?

Our approach to coaching is grounded in building a sustained relationship as your thought partner, resource, and guide. Through compelling questions that pull you toward possibilities and awareness, you will deepen access to your own inner resources, insight, and wisdom. Group coaching provides the opportunity to do this work alongside others who share your commitment to joyful, authentic, courageous, and sustainable leadership. Group coaching creates a shared journey resulting in community and camaraderie with others are leading from the middle and often have no peer spaces like theirs on their campus.

Who benefits
from group coaching?

You will benefit from group leadership coaching if you:

  • Desire ongoing support and opportunity for growth throughout the school year

  • Want to launch a new vision or idea and/or to reimagine your orientation to your role

  • Are in discernment about whether to continue in a role or explore what's next

  • Enjoy a case study approach to learning and value a safe space in which to bring challenges to process and problem solve

  • Recognize that learning in community makes room for diversity that broadens and deepens the learning

  • Have wanted to experience individual coaching but want and need to try out an approach that is less expensive and allows for connections with others sharing leadership

  • Have experienced one-to-one coaching and want to continue coaching with a new and different structure 

What is the structure of the
Joyful Journeys experience?
  • Facilitation and coaching by trained coaches and seasoned school leaders

  • Cohorts of up to 8 school leaders

  • 90-minute group sessions twice monthly August through May (except December & March when we will meet once)

  • Inter-session opportunities to apply tools, strategies, and insights 

  • Curated resources based on emergent and expressed needs

  • The option to register for an additional Six (6) individual coaching sessions throughout the year

Ready to participate?

Begin the journey...

Joyful Journeys is priced to make ongoing, high-quality coaching accessible for middle level leaders including division heads, assistant and associate heads, deans, and instructional leaders.  The cost of this full-year program is $3,000 per individual. Optional 6 session coaching sessions is $1500.


To register for Joyful Journeys: Cultivating Sustainable, Courageous, and Authentic Leadership please click the Register Now Button. You can also start by learning more via an exploratory call with Mike and Renee.


We believe strongly in providing spaces for leaders from diverse backgrounds to grow and extend, and we expressly invite applications from folks from a range of identities or experiences.

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