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You Can Lead...





You aspire to be a transformative leader for those you serve.

You have a bold vision you want to launch. 

You are committed to work and live in an authentic, fully self-expressed, and sustainable way.

You are ready to take your next step. 

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Being a leader offers rich opportunities to fulfill aspirations, further the growth of your organization or team, and engage in meaningful and joyful work every day. It can also invite being overwhelmed by obstacles, exhausting your inner reserves, and feeling out of sync with colleagues or other aspects of your life. 


The journey towards more courageous and satisfying leadership begins with asking compelling questions that pull you toward possibilities. Effective, reflective leaders use intentional strategies to access their own inner resources, insight, and wisdom–thereby aligning their actions with their authentic selves. The coaching I provide is designed to get at those compelling questions and to support meaningful inquiry, reflection, and results.


My Coaching Structure

Building an effective coaching relationship and achieving meaningful results requires a sustained commitment for 9 – 12 months. Coaching sessions occur twice a month and are 45 – 60 minutes in length. Sessions take place via Zoom. In-person sessions are available to local clients. As your coach, I will:


  • Partner with you to discern what’s important to you and support you in shaping meaningful outcomes.

  • Hold you as creative, resourceful, and whole and as the expert of your own life.

  • Create a safe and respectful space for our work based on your expressed needs.

  • Listen deeply and seek your feedback to ensure that you are fully heard and that your needs are met.

  • Support you in accessing your inner resources and creating strategies and practices for realizing your desired outcomes. 

  • Assist you in being accountable for your plans and promises.

  • Provide you with curated resources to support your process.

  • Keep what you share confidential


It is important to note that coaching is not therapy nor is it a substitute for therapy. However, coaching and therapy can be highly effective in combination provided that your therapist supports your coaching work.

My Clients

My clients are people who desire to lead with authenticity and courage and who want to do so in ways that sustain their own well-being. Leaders who seek my coaching are eager to launch a new vision, build richer collegial relationships, or be fully self-expressed---whether they are engaged in work, home life, or play. Often my clients are in leadership roles in which they need to provide leadership to their direct reports while also providing guidance and feedback to those to whom they report. I am grateful to serve as a thought partner and support to such remarkable leaders. 


Renee Prillaman

It is a joy and honor to bring the decades of experience I have as an educator and school leader to my work as a coach. My work as a teacher, teacher educator and administrator allow me to know the leadership experience in a multi-faceted way. In addition to that foundation, I integrate a range of coaching approaches into the work I do including Satir based strategies, Neuro-linguisitc Programming and mindfulness practices.


  • Classroom Teacher (Early Childhood & Middle School)

  • Professor of Education (Undergraduate & Graduate : philosophy, educational psychology and methods)

  • Lab School Director

  • Middle School Division Head

  • Assistant Head for Teaching & Learning

  • Interim Head of School

  • Executive Director (Family Resource Center)



  • B.A, Education - Furman University

  • ME.d - University of Louisville

  • Ph.D, Curriculum & Instruction, Teacher Evaluation & Supervision - University of NC, Chapel Hill

  • Master Practioner NLP Certification, Spectrum Psychological Services

  • Satir Coaching Certification 



I am a firm believer in the power of play. I am an avid reader and enjoy escaping into both fiction and non-fiction. I enjoy creating textile art, experimenting with photography and long walks in beautiful places with opportunities for birdwatching. Traveling with my family tops my list of the best forms of renewal.

Renee has a way of helping you get out of your own way to reach beyond what you thought was possible. She always shares her wisdom generously and supports me in accessing the wisdom that I already have! I am inspired by her perfect blend of humility and confidence.

Toni Williamson, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Friends Select School

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